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A year out from the 20 year anniversary of 9/11, I was able to locate pictures I had taken during that time.  One beautiful thing of that horrific event was how it brought people and a city together.  From all walks of life, nonsense and self importance was set aside for a week while compassion, respect and kindness were overflowing.  It's with great hope that our country can find it's way back to those qualities which make us great.  


By chance I was living in NYC at the time of 9/11.   Living in the West Village, I heard the first plane fly over my apartment and shortly thereafter I heard a loud bang.  Seeing the news on TV, I grabbed my 3.34 state of the art megapixel DSLR and ran outside.  My office was in Soho next to the Lincoln Tunnel which afforded me some incredible views.   I shot continually around the area for the next 4 days.   Click below to be taken to my retrospective of that time.  

That Morning

That Afternoon

That Evening

That Evening

The Next Day